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July 16, 2019

It is always the best hair that wears the crown, being the homecoming queen is like a dream for most of the young women. While you might dazzle in embellished attire and wear the right accessories nothing is complete unless you have a killer hairstyle for the evening. We have some glamorous hair do suggestions that can make you the belle of the starry event. So be ready to flip those locks and wave your hands with a crowned glory.

If you are the kind that dresses up the hair too, then this halfway up and halfway down hairstyle is for you. This Hellenistic era hairstyle will make you look like a Greek princess, take enough strands of hair from both the sides and braid them. Pin them in the middle near the nape of your neck and leave the rest of the portion loosely hanging. Embellish the braid with flowers, gems, and pearls.


For ones who have natural kinky curls the high bun with curly fringe looks classy. Tie up the hair in a natural bun and decorate it with dazzling pins. Leave a little fringe for the front and they might look like easy bangs for the evening. If you want to avoid the hot hair brush stylingthen this one is ideal for showing off your curly locks.

A fishtail braid always demands attention; give a sideways twist to the classic ponytail with a sideways fishtail braid. Finish the braid with a loose ponytail starting from the nape of your neck. You can either style your ponytail tresses to be straight or fashion them into beach waves with a hot airbrush.

There are ways to stay away from all the heat treatments and hair sprays just before the party. One of them is styling your hair into a classic French roll or vintage Chignon. It is an elegant twist to the messy bun but with French sophistication. You won’t need any hair beauty products to get this easy hairstyle done. And it will stay put as you dance the night away.

When you are in a rush and want to sport minimal makeup with a romantic hairstyle, then the messy whimsical bun is the right choice. Style your hair into loose S-shaped waves with a hair curler and fashion it loosely around the neck into a bun. Leave strands of the hair open at the front so that they look mesmerizing in the evening breeze. It is simple yet feminine and suits any face structure.

When you are dreaming of becoming the homecoming queen and want to style your hair around the theme, then the triple-braided style is the ideal glam hairdo. Fashion your hair into three different kinds of intricate braids and style them like a crown. Pin them sideways and create a low trendy bun. This hairstyle will make you look adorable while wearing a long sparkly gown.

One of the popular hairstyles for the millennial crowd is the waterfall braids; it has a Viking vibe to it. The hair is woven into a circular, horizontal or diagonal plait throughout with wavy hair locks curving through it like a gushing stream of a factual waterfall. Lengthy, medium or short, blonde, redhead or brunette, this style looks gorgeous on any personality.

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