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July 09, 2019

To keep up with the latest trends in fashion is every woman’s wish and when it comes to hair styling- it sets higher goals for them! Gone are the days when you would save a fortune for months before investing in a good hair tool as the range we have here at Jinri is so pocket-friendly, spry and approved by the quality standards.

You won’t disappoint yourself investing in this Hot air brush, and we lend you great help by making you choose the best hot air brush for hair styling:

1. A good wattage (1000 watt or more)

A good wattage would mean a high-performance hot air brush. It’s heat waves will result in quite stable and healthier appearing waves/curls. This hot air brush will surely turn out to be effective in comparison to hairbrush with a lower wattage.

2. Ceramic and Ionic Technology

A combination of this technology guarantees a great material that is the safest and smoothest of all. This technology will make you rest assure with equal distribution of heat waves through your precious locks so minus all the damage risks for your hair. It takes the entire frizz and keeps your fuzz fixed for a longer number of hours. If you are headed for a busy day at work where you would be occupied presenting slides on the screen, you can feel free from monitoring your hair at all!

3. Ample Length of Cable

Be sure that the product you are buying doesn’t give you practical issues after the purchase. While buying, it is crucial to consider matters like the length and strength of the cord. If you buy Jinri hair brush you bag a power cord that has a tangle-free swivel with 9 feet long cord that ensures no travails in brush movements from up-down or left-right. So you have the freedom to move and experiment as many different angles you wish while hair styling!

4. Multi-purpose hairbrush

There is a wide range of hot air brush that is floating in the market which commits you on hair styling but has a restricted utility when actually put to use. With Jinni you are sorted for its multi-faceted functionality, it dries your hair, styles it into a straight chic sleek look of the hair, can render you glamorous close/loose curls or beachy-waves to flaunt for your day ahead.

5. Heat Setting modes

Always go for a hot air brush that gives you a choice to select the level of heat for your hair. There are days when you would want to go subtle yet styled hair so a Low heat would be best to render a simple yet presentable hairstyle. While there can be times when you would want to pin-up your tresses into a messy bun or loose curls for that high heat settings would come to rescue. In case you have thin and fine hair then also low heat settings can do wonders for your hair styling without causing any impairment to hair cuticles.

So, be certain about your buy and invest your hard-earned money in the right place, since you have to make your hair styling experience worth it!

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