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June 18, 2019

You have invested in a drop dead gorgeous prom dress, packed your skin with the extra influx of vitamins and glow in a spa, and followed a strict diet to become the belle of the prom. Except you have no plans on turning heads with your smashing hairstyle, that will be a sure shot bummer for the glamorous evening. Beachy waves are all the rage when it comes to curling your tresses; we have come up with some exclusive hair trends to beat the party.

Jinri has the perfect magic wand to turn you into Cinderella with faultless curls, this curling iron works as straightener as well. So now you can save precious time and concentrate on your make-up as well. A ceramic built ensures minimum damage and smooth, moisturized curls. A wide abled swivel for tangled free hair at the last minute makes this a smart choice for the D-day.

When you are a die-hard fan of the ’80s and have planned to wear a vintage outfit then loosely let your hair down with glam curls. Air dries your hair and creates a side part, start curling the opposite side with large barrel styling iron towards the face. Limit the curls at the crown of your head, gently brush your hair with an airbrush curling iron and use hairspray to set it. Pin the un-curled hair with bobby pins to secure them on one side. You will have everyone swooning over those Gatsby style curls.

Too lazy to drop those curls? Then switch to braiding your hair first and let it set in, then flatten them out with a hot iron and release them a while later. This will create a voluminous effect of lazy beach waves. Embellish your hair with a studded hairpin or hair band to complete the modern diva effect.

Stay romantic with the Celtic knot on your hair, your date will adore you for your princess look. Loop the hair with bobby pins in the middle of the head, fashion the ancient Celtic knot with strands of hair pulled back from the face. Now take the hot air curling iron and wrap the bottom strands into easy waves. Style the lower portion of the hair like sweeping effect, they will sway in the breeze and add to the dreamy romance in the air. This hairstyle works well with a flowy gown.

Never overheat the flat iron this may cause you to lose precious strands. Always set it to the right temperature, the end result is drastically affected by the way you wrap your tresses around the styling tool. A combo wrap creates a textured wave; a swirl wrap gives way to twisted curls, a flat wrap result in ribbon curls and so on so forth. Figure out which style suits you best for the prom evening. For the beauty queens who have planned everything to the ‘T’ investing in the Jinri curling iron will make sure you win the prom queen title. Natural locks are a blessing but the ones that craft an impression are theatrical waves. And every ballroom queen needs her little drama while she flips her hair to fix the crown on the head.

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