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July 29, 2019

Caring for your hair is a necessity that many ignore and it can lead to irreparable hair damage including hair loss. There are ways you can maintain the shine and texture of your hair and give your hair all the attention it deserves.

There are ample hair care products available in the market and many consultancies that can give you constructive hair care tips. Many people forget the basic hair care routines that will give them long-lasting hair and cure most hair ailments. Here in this article, we will cover some basic do' and don'ts for your hair care and tips for maintaining it.

Basic Do’s For Your Hair Care

  • It is always advisable to have a good hair cut as caring for your hair becomes much easier when you invest in a good cut
  • Using a good quality shampoo is one of the basic hair care tips. You can also use specific medicated shampoos to maintain strong roots for your hair as these shampoos are targeted for your specific hair type
  • Brushing your hair every morning regularly helps to remove dirt from your hair and improves blood supply in your hair scalps
  • Massage your hair with good quality oils regularly as it helps to retain the moisture in your hair. Oils also provide your hair with the essential nutrients which are beneficial for healthy hair growth and maintaining healthy hair habits
  • The harsh rays of the sun are not good things for your hair and can cause extensive hair damage. So, it is better to wear a hat or carry an umbrella while going out in the scorching heat

  • It is best not to use shampoos directly on your scalp. For easier application, you can mix it in water first before applying. After applying shampoo rinse thoroughly with warm water taking care that the lather goes off completely from your scalp
  • Eat foods that are rich with hair and skin vitamins for proper nourishment of your hair. Drink lots of fluids to maintain the water balance in your scalp and maintain your hair regime

Thing Not To Do With Your Hair

  • It is not good to over-style your hair as these daily hairstyling toolscan cause gaps in your hair shaft. Use a blow dryer only when it is required and wash your hair with cold water after using a dryer
  • Never apply conditioners directly on your scalp as it will make your roots oily and cause your hairs to lose
  • Don't backcomb your hair because it causes friction in your hair and causes breakage when you will try to untangle it
  • Trust the experts and avoid over the counter cheap products as these are not good things for your hair
  • Brushing your hair when it is too wet puts too much stress on your hair and cause hair breakage
  • Ignoring your split hair ends are a sure shot way to hair loss so be extremely cautions. There are not too many products to cure split ends and the best solution is to cut your hair

A major part of your hair care routine is self-management of your hair care problems. If you eat nutritious foods, maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow these easy do's and don'ts you are sure to have a lustrous strand of hair in no time.

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