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August 20, 2019

A brilliant smile is usually accompanied by a dazzling set of teeth; in this age of self-image we have become conscious about oral hygiene too. As a consumer we are on the lookout for exceptional use on value for money and owing the right cordless water flosser ensures healthy gums and teeth.

With the help of supercharged built-in batteries, a wireless flosser works effortlessly to remove food, debris and maintain dental health within the cavities that are unreachable through a normal toothbrush. A portable water flosser is the ultimate travel companion since it does not need electricity to power up. It can also fit into your travel kit with ease due to its sleek, modern and compact body. This unique feature is also a time-saver for you in the rush morning routines if a powerpoint is missing in your bathroom.

A direct flosser can cause abrasions in your gums while in use, but a water flosser allows deep cleansing without any visible bruises to the gums. The effective, slim head reaches the back as well as the tiny crevices within the teeth and flushes out bacteria and clears built-up plaque. Regular use will make you notice a shiny set of white teeth without taking expensive dentist appointments.

This chic water pick works like a charm on braces as well, since they are a tough lot to clean. Food particles stuck in the interiors of the metal, stainless steel brackets need to be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid foul dental odor. This trendy water flosser for braces makes sure that you have sparkling teeth for any occasion. It does not get tangled or cause pain while flossing and is the best way to maintain one’s oral hygiene.

A benefitive pro to about cordless water flossers is they have rechargeable or replaceable batteries. This means you can carry it around anywhere and you will find its battery replacement from any store. No high maintenance here, a spacious water barrel size makes sure you have an endless supply of water throughout your dental routine.

The Jinri portable oral irrigator comes with modern technology; multiple speed settings with light indicators determine the flow as well as the charging frequency. A normal mode for gentle cleansing- a soft mode which effectively rinse the gums, and the pulse mode for deeper penetration within the crevices. When on charging the light flickers on all the three modes and once the light stays on means the flosser is fully charged.

The selling point is the 360-degree slim rotating nozzle that allows you to cleanse in a hands-free mode. A modishly designed detachable water tank that allows 300ml water in the barrel for uninterrupted dental schedule. The transparent bottom makes its appearance stylish and it also comes with its own travel kit. The voguish kit contains extra jet tip box for traveling without anxiety.

Your teeth can stay clean and well hydrated even while oscillating between formal and informal events. Now floss in style at your office before an important meeting or before leaving for a party evening. Your glittering smile will be proof of your flawless set of teeth achieved by your personal dental caretaker – the cordless water flosser by Jinri.

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