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July 05, 2019

The ideal way to hunt for the perfect hairstylist is through friends and family, chances are you might be having the same hairdresser for generations. While there are plenty of salon options available, we generally tend to visit the one hairstylist who knows well to pamper your tresses. But that does not mean your stylist will divulge all their trade secrets with you, we have some exclusive in house professional pointers that might help you snagging an appointment in the future.

The best time to get admirable locks with a professional hot air curling iron is during mid-week. By all means, avoid making appointments during the weekend, chances are the salon will be packed and your favorite hairstylist will be booked to the hilt. He/she will have a tough time navigating between clients and end up spending less time styling your mane. Saturdays are a peak time for a long client list and so is Friday evenings. Book yourself in advance for a mid-week session like Wednesday evening; you will enjoy exclusive treatments when the rush is negligible.

If you feel nervous about setting a new hair trend, then always book a consultation with your stylist in advance. This is advised when you are in a new town or city and visiting a particular hairdresser for the first time. Have a preppy one to one chat and discuss the various hair-dos that will suit you before going for the final cut.

This is an excellent chance to test their skill if they are promising you the stars and mention that you will end up looking like a celebrity then be cautioned. You might not be as you expected. On the other hand, an honest hairdresser will talk about your mane weaknesses and strengths and suggest the ideal look complimenting your personality and appearance.

End up being the loyal customer by pre-booking your next appointment while you are in the salon itself. This will also allow you to avail discounts and other exclusive offers in hand. And once you have done that show up on time, never be late for your sessions it projects a tardy outlook towards your stylist. Tip them well in cash and they will return the favor with each super stylish hair sessions. Prepare them early if you are in a hurry when you are looking for a fresh flat iron hair styling or coloring in a limited time then inform them about the time constraint. Stylists who love their customers will go out of the way to deal with emergencies.

Now for some beauty secrets, your stylist will never mention, use beer spray for quick shine and bounce of your hair texture. This technique is better than any hair spray for the day, deep cleansing your hair with pale vinegar once a week for extra gloss and smoothness. Trim the ends every six to eight weeks for your hair to grow faster, instead of regularly oiling your hair condition them with herbal treatment.

Hope you enjoyed reading our style session secrets. And to look like a million bucks from the comfort of your home invest in these salons approved

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