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August 13, 2019

Hair straightening has been a trend even in the early days, then the beauty tool used proved to be a health hazard. But with time and a sudden upsurge in technology the hot plates have been designed to suit human perfection. The iconic ceramic tourmaline combination has been revolutionary in keeping the heat intact, without scalding or damaging the hair cuticles. We have come up with some foolproof hacks that will allow you to sport flawless locks after flat ironing.


For your salon sesh at home make sure you thoroughly wash off all the dust and grime with a mild hydrating shampoo. Let your hair dry completely since it will be manageable, wetness in the hair locks cause more heat damage to the hair cuticles and roots. Using an optimal hair straightener will create luscious locks in no time, go for a ceramic tourmaline designed body.This allows the plates to heat up in seconds and also causes no signs of heat signature relating to split ends. 

The next step is to detangle the locks with a soft brush and combing them neatly into a visual elegance. Take sections and strands of hair to detangle with fingers to avoid breakage, do not tug at your mane roughly while combing it out. Spritzing a heat protectant serum/spray just before hair straightening is the golden rule to lock in the moisture and keep the hair strands coated with a protective covering. Now use your hair straightener brush or plates to smooth out each section and strands one at a time. Run the hair between the plates set at the desired temperature. Avoid heating up the roots directly, instead start straightening inches away from the roots, this will ensure you are scalding protected.

Opting for the correct temperature is like an assurance for a shiny glamorous mane, permanently set up the temperature to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above and below is hazardous for healthy locks, women with fine hair may set the temperature between 300 to 325 degree Fahrenheit. While styling your mane at the crown hold the hair strands towards the ceiling to get long-lasting volumn and bounce. For a gorgeous looking mane throughout the day use a hair straightening brush and flat iron at the same time.

Reduce the after-effects frizz by applying a silicone-based leave-in conditioner for extra glimmer. Introduce trendy beach waves, loose S-shaped waves and natural curls with this innovative hair styling tool in an instant. Caring for your beauty tool is a must, regularly clean the plates with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to keep them spotless and shiny new. Also, allow the hot plates to cool down naturally before storing them away for the next use.

Jinri’s high performing professional hair straightener is sleek and designed to create salon-like perks right at your home. Its features include a stunning body, boosting of ceramic tourmaline technology, coated iron plates that heat up instantly, a stylish LED display to keep a check on your temperature settings with super classy memory function. Automatic switch on/off to prevent any mishaps and adjustable heat settings for different hair styling needs. Optimal for all types of hair this beauty product ensures you continue enjoying silky finish and a shimmering shine every day to compliment your overall personality. Hope you have received ample inspiration from our hairstyling beauty tips and will opt for Jinri’s innovative hair straightening tool to keep your busy mornings super stylish.

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