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Juli 18, 2019

Dentists always recommend oral flossing to clear away food debris and maintain oral hygiene. We often use toothpicks after meals or string flossers before bed; this might turn messy and awkward at times. Especially if you spend most of the time in traveling then maintaining a healthy and effective way of flossing is necessary. Jet flossers are the trendy way of staying away from dental problems.

The biggest advantage is it has a removable tip and hence can be used by multiple members of the family. It also features various tips according to your dental needs; there are ones with toothbrush tip for general use. The jet tip is for everyday use, the orthodontic tip for people who have braces and gum problems. A plaque seeker tip is for the ones who suffer from plaque and surface dental problems. And a general tongue cleaner tip for fresh breath. Hence a water flosser is multi-purpose.

The tip is easy to maintain, it can be ejected from the main body of the flosser and soaked in warm vinegar water for 5mins for deep cleansing, then fitted back again for dental use. You can even change it into a new tip after every one month or three months according to your convenience.

While choosing a jet flosser it is important to buy one that is in tandem with your dental state. You may choose the super jet for a steady flow of water to clean to your gums and teeth. If you like the idea of brushing with a steady flow of water then the toothbrush tip is ideal, this will improve the gum health and cleanse the cavities in one stroke. The plaque tip is perfect for the crown, bridges and the various forms of dental implants.

While it might be difficult to brush the teeth in braces an orthodontic tip allows cleansing around the wires and the fixtures. It helps to remove all the plaque and debris, otherwise uneasy to clean. A pickpocket tip is perfect for patients suffering from chronic periodontitis, it cleanses the deep teeth pockets and maintains oral hygiene. Hence, consult a dentist before going for a cordless tooth cleaner.

Some pro tips while using a portable water flosser are never placed the tip directly on the gums and teeth. Make sure to keep a steady distance while flossing your mouth, gently guide the stream of water over the area that is desired. Start at the back of the teeth and work your way to the front, guide the tip to every inch of the dental area where a normal brush cannot reach. Increase the pressure of the water with each stroke; trace every tooth and the gum surrounding it for a better deep cleaning result.

Jinri has come up with an innovative water flosser with a highly functional rotating tip that can clear debris within seconds. It also functions on intelligent memory, you can set high mode or soft mode according to your desired use and the cordless flosser will be set respectively for the next use. It has a detachable water reservoir with a large enough barrel for holding water for an effective uninterrupted steady jet of water. The bonus is a travel bag that holds your precious dental tool for long and short journeys.

Now oral health is not a farfetched idea, it can be enjoyed in your comfort and its well within a budgeted reach. Next time people will be complimenting you for your brilliant smile thanks to Jinri water flosser.

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