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Juni 07, 2019

A decade ago, it wasn’t this difficult to choose the perfect hair dryer; we all remember our mothers having the standard black ones that blew hot air straight to the hair roots. Cut to the present. We have a decent amount of time to invest in buying the right type of hair dryer. Upgrading can be a serious pay off sometimes; hence, it is necessary that you check out all the features before trading for inexpensive versions.

  1. Attention to the Wattage

You do not need a dryer that is scalding hot and fries the root ends of your hair, and it is simple to understand that a higher wattage gives perfect results. For a smooth, frizz-free and faster blow out invest in a piece that has a wattage between 1800 to 1850W for thin hair. And invest in a high-end professional hair dryer with 3600 wattages for curly hair. The less usage of heat will result in iconic managed hair.  A major tip here is not blow dry, wet hair; instead, pat dries your hair with a towel; let it soak all the extra wetness. Then blow your hair with the dryer simultaneously running your fingers through the partially wet hair to detangle them. This will result in volume and freshness.

  1. Technology

When it comes to the make, go for a ceramic technology that covers up excess heat and distributes it evenly on the surface. Tourmaline technology, on the other hand, seals the moisture by retaining the properties of the hair cuticles. The combination of these technologies can combat frizz on any given day.

  1. The extra trendy features

A cool button to set in the hairstyle once you dry, a defined nozzle attached that allows the smooth passage of hot air to the targeted spot. For curly hair sometimes it is wise to invest in a blow dryer with a diffuser. This, in turn, will aid the flow of air to all the sections. The multiple level setting to control heat, you will need a high button and a lower button to control the flow of the air. We do not need an extreme condition when it comes to blowing drying; an adjustable heat setting is ideal for choosing the perfect hair dryer.

All the above features possessed in the JINRI Salon Hairdryer. It comes with a certified safety plug. Multiple heating and speed setting buttons induce effective cooling and heating techniques. Professional salon style AC motors, the high-speed drying ensures that you have soft and silky hair throughout the day. With a sleek matte body and neutral color, it becomes the perfect mate for travel and daily living needs. With detachable air filters, this is a unique beauty technology in an attractive budget.

We strongly recommend the JINRI Salon hair dryer when it comes to gifting you gorgeous hair.

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