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Juni 27, 2019

Only a bad hair day can teach us the glory of having a perfect Ever wondered how your ancestors coped with tragic hair daily? straightening restricted only to the elite? Tough questions, we know for sure that in today’s world we cannot go by dealing with stressful tresses.

It has been established that women used to press their hair with hot plates as early as the 1800s. A Parisian gentleman named Marcel Grateau pioneered the use of heated rods to style hair during the year 1872. He was a genius to design a tool so vintage, the rough prototype of the now famous hair straightener this tool doubled up like a curling iron and straightener. It consisted of two hot plate metal rods that heated up to give the desired effect on rough tresses. Till date, there plenty of hair tools named after Marcel Grateau as homage to his contribution into the beauty industry.

A one Issac Shero patented the design in 1910, but unfortunately, he hadn’t included the flat plate version. year 1912 that Scottish heiress Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield added a hinged version of the iron plate to the original design. Thus the modern hot iron version was born.

Over the years, many inventors tried their hand at modernizing the iron plates; they made it out of innumerable metals and tested them for their clients. However, it was to be noted that metals damaged the hair cuticles largely; hence a thick coating of ceramic was introduced to minimal scalding. Thus new inventions took place; hair straightening products now came with infrared caused minimal damage to the mane. Women who color their hair have also started using heat protecting serums to gain shiny long tresses after flat ironing their hair.

Infrared introduced flat iron lock in the hair moisture to give a glossy texture to the hair. Hair stylists became more creative and the world was introduced to wavy and curled tresses for the first time ever. And so the rage to iron out your hair began. Rotating handles are also a nouveau version that allows equal distribution of heat as you style your hair. different heating and temperature settings we now have Tourmaline as the main substance used to make hot irons, this has enabled daily users of hair straightener brush to benefit during their early morning rush.

introduces your hair styling best tool with an advanced ceramic and Tourmaline floating . This hair beauty tool also features automatic shut off after 60mins, a 360-degree tangle-free swivel. Instant heating technology with an LCD displays the right setting. Its sleek design adds to the chicness and one can easily carry it for vacations as well.

Having a legacy of 125 years we are still counting the benefits of a hair straightener, we have blessed a generation to be able to use such up-to-the-minute technology for . gives you a cutting edge straightener that works for the busy life we live in, the future to having no bad hair day is already here.

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