Why the JINRI Hair Dryer A Good Investment Option?



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Juni 11, 2019

Do you own a hair dryer? Does it do its job effectively? Or, are you looking to invest in a professional dryer that would reduce the drying time and help style your hair? One cannot merely deny the effectiveness of a professional hairdryer and choosing the appropriate one for your hair type is an extensive process which involves proper research and analysis.  You, therefore, must invest in a hairdryer that can cater to all your needs and is within your best budget.

Importance of a hair dryer

A hairdryer is one of the most vital tools that a modern man can own, and a good hair dryer should make it to the top of your styling equipment list if you are hoping to embark on expert level hair styling at home. Blow-drying pre-molds your unruly hair into a style causing fewer frizzes. A hi-quality hair dryer can help both men and women to achieve a certain style with lots of natural volumes.

Features of a Professional Hair Dryer

There are a few features that most professional dryers should have. Let’s see what makes Jinri a good hair dryer -

Heat control settings: Hair dryers with high wattage would sure provide more heat temperature but can also burn your hair. The heat control settings in a hair dryer allow you to set the temperature as per your requirements. Professional dryers like Jinri usually come with three setting levels, including low, medium, and high and is worth each penny.

Attachments compatibility: Professional dryers would come equipped with a few attachments like the concentrator nozzle, diffuser, comb pick nozzle and more. These attachments aid in directing the air/heat on the hair where it is needed. People with thick and frizzy hair types must ensure that the hair dryer you are purchasing is compatible with several attachments as thick hair cannot easily be air dried.

Ionic: Most salon hair dryers these days have an ionic feature which reduces the drying time and frizz. It works by breaking up the size of water droplets so that your hairs can dry faster and leaves it feeling softer, smoother, and shinier. However, this feature isn’t important for everyone and it’s your hair-type which would help determine if you need ionic, non-ionic or tourmaline hair dryer.

Infrared: Not many people are aware, but an infrared dryer can help maintain a consistent temperature to reach every hair inside out. The Jinri hair dryer reduces the drying time and because of its even heat distribution, is known to cause less damage as compared to traditional dryers.

Length of the Cord: In case, the power outlet is far from your vanity, you would need a dryer with a long cord length. Also, while blow-drying, you would need to lift the dryer above your head to dry the top portion. If the cord is way short, you wouldn’t be able to use the dryer efficiently, so make sure that the cord length is over six feet.

There are thousands of styling tools available out there including curling irons, straightening irons, straightening brush, blow dryers, and more. Before you purchase any equipment, it is crucial to ensure that it would be safe for your hair. However, Jinri hair dryer fits in your budget and is a good investment option too!



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