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Can an old hair dryer damage your hair?

Everything in this world comes with an expiry date and your hair dryer is no different. When you purchase your hair dryer it is important to look at the instruction manual to check out the expiry date of your dryer before you decide to buy.

Proper care and maintenance are essential for your dryer and if you follow some basic rules your dryers will last a long time. Your hair dryer can damage your hair and these warning signs will tell you that it's time to replace it:

Knocking Sounds

If you hear a rattling sound coming out of your hair dryer it means that your engine is malfunctioning. This is a telltale warning that your old dryer needs replacement.

Hair is Taking a Long Time To Dry

If your hair dryer is taking too much time to dry your hair then it’s to get rid of your dryer. This process not also damages your hair but also raises your energy bills.

Dryer Is More Than 5 Years Old

Most hair dryers typically have the longevity of around 5 years. Before buying hair dryers you can check out the user manual and expiry section to get some idea about the lifespan of your dryer.

Damaged Iron Plates

If your dryer has scratches or the coating has worn out it’s time to gift yourself a new dryer. Damaged iron plates on your dryer not only look ugly but cause pulling of your hair because of uneven temperatures.

Common Warning Signs

There are other warning signs which you should not ignore. Commons signs for replacing your dryer include overheating, loud noise, spark when you plug in and short in the cord.

Taking proper care of your hair is essential just like your hair itself. Try to buy a good dryer rather than wasting your money on cheap ones and save yourself from hair damage.


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