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Common ways on how to use Curling Iron

  • Hair Type: All hair types
  • Hair Style: A styling tool that works on split ends and rough tresses to give you a unique hairstyle daily.
  • When to Use this Brush: When you have to achieve curls that look natural. Conveniently used with styling products like hair spray, hair mousse, and protect hair to set the hairstyle.
  • Best for (which hairstyle): All types of wavy and curly hairstyles for all types of hair lengths. Ideal for weddings.
  • Exciting Innovation:  Jinri curling iron allows you to attain luscious curls even if you are not blessed with them. The 2 in 1 product can be used for both curling and straightening your hair at the same time. Your morning rush routine is now simplified with its advanced heat setting technology. Now you can treat your colored, wavy and textured hair equally. A complete 360-degree rotating handle ensures you never miss any curling opportunity.
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