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Curling Wand Vs Curling Iron

Luscious curls are a dream for every woman who wants to keep her mane crazy jumbled. There are many hair products in the market that can give artificial curls, a curling wand and curling iron are two such beauty tools. The only visible difference between the two tools is one is clipless and the other one functions with a clip.

Curling Iron:

It features interchangeable barrels that can be used to get the desired effect and curls. It generally gets heated up faster and you can enjoy beautiful curls in minutes. A bigger barrel suggests loose curls and a smaller barrel suggests tight and compact curls. The make of the iron plate depends on three materials – ceramic, tourmaline and other metals. We recommend you go for the ceramic-tourmaline make models since they ensure less damage to the tresses. The metal plates are cheaper in the market but cause harm to the texture and make of the hair in the long run.

Curling Wand:

A word of caution here since the wand heats up fast you might need protective hand gloves while styling your hair. Since the design of the curling wand appears tapered towards the end the curls will develop compact and smaller. With the absence of a clip, the curls are glossy and smooth since there is no residue mark of the clip attached to the hair. The curls styled with this beauty device remain for a whole day hence are ideal for any party or wedding events.

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