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Diffuse Attachment For A Hair Dryer

The diffuser attachment for a hairdryer is specifically designed to spread the airflow to a large area of your head.  Diffusers are more popular among the people with curly hair as it disperses the air without causing frizz or disturbing the pattern of curl. Also, as it distributes air to a large area, the drying process becomes easier and quicker.

Types of Diffusers

Three types of diffusers are generally common. These types are:

  • Mitt:The Mitt diffusers are made with a heat resistant mesh. They are compatible with almost every kind round brush hair dryers.
  • Finger:It is the most common type of diffuser. These types of diffusers are generally used for adding volume to the hair. It is also known as a volumizing diffuser.
  • Flat Vented:The Flat vented diffusers are mainly used to seal the moisture in hair by closing the cuticles. If you have colored your hair recently then you can use this kind of diffuser as it can help your hair to retain the color.

There are a few steps which you would have to follow before using the hairdryer with a diffuser. These steps are:

  • Before using a diffuser attached hairdryer, you would have to wash your hair with shampoo. You will be able to minimize the frizz by doing this.
  • After that, you would have to get rid of the hair in your hair. Use a towel or any clean cloth to squeeze the water out. Rubbing your hair may make the hair shaft rough.
  • The last step is to apply hair styling products which you can do with your hand.

Most hair dryers come with a diffuser attached to it. You can also buy a separate diffuser if your hair dryer does not have one.

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