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How do you curl your hair with hot air brush?

Hot brushes are similar to curling irons but behave like a brush. Hot brushes are good for curling your long hairs when you buy the brush with the roller set.  Hair brushes not only curl your hair it also provides your hair with a wavy look.

There are different types of hair brushes available in the market and you need to choose the best fitting brush for your curls. In the article, you will be looking at the various ways for you to curl your hair.

Check The Heat Settings

It is important to note the heat settings of your hot air brushes as it will be essential to control the heat during curling your hair. You will also need to make sure that your hair responds well to the heat effects. If you notice a burning smell you can lower the heat.

Wash Your Hair  

Apply some shampoo on your hair that will leave some moisture in your hair but no residues. Then you should apply some conditioners to the ends of your hair but don’t apply too much conditioner as it will make it difficult to curl your hair.

Use Heat Protectant

When your hair is wet you need to spray a heat protectant deep from hair roots to the ends and squashing your hair with fingers. This spray will protect your hair from damage and help to maintain your curls.

Use A Hot Brush

Brush from beneath your hair and start at the roots and brush your hair slowly to allow the hot brush to smooth out your hair. Let your brush cool down after wrapping your hair for a few seconds.

If you follow these simple tips before curling your hair people will assume that you had your hair done at the salon. It could be very well your new secret weapon to make you look gorgeous.


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