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Is using a wet brush is good for your hair?

If you have long or thick denser hair, then you might have noticed that after taking a daily shower, your hair would get easily tangled. Using a traditional brush to detangle your hair might cause your hair some kind of damage. The most effective tool for detangling your wet hair after a shower would be using a wet brush. These brushes are specially designed to facilitate smooth detangling of your wet hair without harming your hair.  

The brush itself

Most of these brushes have a soft padded base and more flexible body than a general detangle brush. The bristles of this kind of brush are specially made up of polymer that makes them strong while remaining flexible. Its bristles being flexible would be able to glide through every turn and twist of your hair.

The tips of these bristles have soft material that has soothing effects on your scalp while you’re brushing. Soft tipped bristles would also have nourishing effects on the hair follicles. Generally, these wet brushes are suitable for every type of hair. There are some models of wet brush that have vented design that is used along with a dry blower. 

Advantages of Using Wet Brush

There are many advantages of utilizing wet brushes other than just to detangle your wet hair. Here are some of the advantages that make the wet brush a good option for your hair.

  • Using a wet brush would help you to prevent hair breakages that happen due to other brushes.
  • If you have naturally curly hair, then using a wet brush would be the best choice for keeping wavy hair intact.
  • The wide bristles of a wet brush, especially vented wet-brush, would help you exposing a wide section of hair to the blower.

Therefore, we can conclude that using hair dryer would not only let you experience a painless detangling process but it would be also beneficial for your scalp and your hair.

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