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Tips to curl hair using a straightening brush

There are curling irons available in the market that solve the purpose of bringing the curls on you but doing it a bit unconventional way too, like by using a straightening brush also you could get those wavy, twist and turns on your hair. These types of curling are known as soft curling and add a lot of bounce to your hair. It can be done by first parting your hair in sections and preferably starting from behind and then coming forth. Also if there is a need to add more bounce and volume to your hair it is suggested to use a fine hair brush to tease your curls that will add waves further.

Jinri curling iron is a great product to rely on for gorgeous bouncy curls. The built and design is done with ceramic that takes utmost care of hair safety and gives a moisturized look to your hairstyle. You could try many looks with Jinri’s curling iron when you start rolling sections on the iron’s bottom and coming up the roots gradually while having less number of curls towards the crown-making sure the look is neat and classy. Jinri curling iron can be a new trendsetter for any gorgeous who likes to keep up with the latest fashion.

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