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Types of Women Hair:

Describing someone’s hair can be tricky since there are five main types that one comes across. And these five types have another subdivided chic hair type that can get confusing to identify with just one look. We have made it simple for you:

  1. Straight Hair

They are silky straight without any curls or waves; this type oily since the natural oils coat them easily from root to tip. Their texture ranges from silk to a bit coarse and volume ranges from thin to thick. If the hair texture is thick, then it will be difficult to set curls in them with beauty tools. Thin, straight hair is ideal for trying out trendy hairstyles.

  1. Wavy Hair

Natural beach S-shaped hair is termed wavy; this type appears neither oily nor dry. Their style ranges from tight spirals to loosing spaced out waves, they are and frizz-free from most of the other hair types.

  1. Curly Hair

Lose ringlets in the locks them to look like swirls and this is termed as curly hair. This type appears to be tightly woven together. Some curls might look like rings spaced out on the locks and some look like corkscrews compactly placed. This type of hair is voluminous and bouncy in appearance.

  1. Coiled Hair

Hair coiled like a network of wire is termed as coiled hair. These appear to be S or Z shaped and are tight-knit on the scalp. Women often keep this type of hair in short cuts and bob style; they also prefer to keep them styled into fashionable dreadlocks.

  1. Thin and Thick textured

Some women have a mix of thin and thick hair; this type does not fall into a legit category. The hair is oddly thinner at the roots and then gets thicker down the crown. Sometimes the hair is thick at the crown and grows thin towards the end.

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