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Using hair straightener is good for hair?

Straight and silky hairs are both easy to manage as well as they look silky and lustrous. Your chances of having a “bad-hair-day” are reduced when you have straight and silky hair. A hair straightener makes all these things possible if you know how to use them accurately. Using a thermal spray is very important before you use a straightener. Here are some of the pros and cons discussed that can help you toss the benefits and after-effects of using a hair straightener.


  • Heats up quickly

You don’t need to wait for long for the plates to heat up so it saves a lot of time.

  • Even distribution of the heat

The heat is evenly distributed over the plates so you don’t need to worry about burning your hair strands at a particular place where there is maximum heat.

  • Better than chemical treatments

Straightening your hair using a hair straightener is better hen undergoing any kinds of chemical treatments as they do more harm to the hair.


  • Repeated use can cause split ends

Repeated use of hair straighteners can take away all the moisture from your hair and make your hair brittle and dull. It also causes split ends and creases in the hair.

  • It is only a temporary solution

Straightening your hair with a hair straightener is only a temporary solution and your hair tends to fall back in its original texture in only a few days’ time.   

  • You need to use specific shampoos

After straightening your hair, you cannot use normal shampoos as it will mar the straightening effects on your hair.

It is advisable not to settle for hair straighteners that are cheap because cheap products may cause irreparable damage to your hair. Also, regular hair straightening may take away the moisture from your hair thereby causing serious damage. So, limit your uses of hair straighteners and pay more attention to providing your hair more nutrition from inside.

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