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What is the difference between Straightening and Rebonding?

While daily we try to make our life easier with beauty techniques and tools there are some methods that simply benefit or cause damage in the long run. Straightening and rebonding have their own beneficial treatment for frizzy and unruly hair; let us find out which one of these beauty treatments is suitable for tangled locks in the long run.


It involves using a flat iron over the unruly tangles and making them frizz free, this is a temporary solution with the help of beauty tools. Moreover, you can do it within the comforts of your home. The thermal treatment applied to the hair lasts for a few hours of the day; hence if you want a quick fix before attending an important event straightening is the ideal choice.

The effect does not damage the structure or the texture of the hair, the hair follicles remain intact and the natural moisture and oil are maintained. Weather elements like rain and humidity can erase the style done by these heat airbrush and flat irons. It is advisable to use protective heat sprays, lotions, and serums before treating your hair to a straightener. However, long term use of these iron plates will destroy the natural texture and cause breakage of the hair strands. Daily use is not advisable.


It involves the use of permanent chemicals to treat unruly and unmanageable hair. This treatment is best done in a salon under supervised guidance by professionals; the final style achieved will make the hair look glossy and straight. It is a time-consuming process, the hair is treated to a set of relaxing chemicals that break the natural curly bonds and re-arrange them into straight sets.

After the treatment, the hair remains in this straightened state for about a year. It requires a lot of attention and care in this time frame, this method can be done on any type of hair. And it is a permanent solution to frizzy hair problems. But it also involves permanent loss of hair and its natural texture due to excessive use of harmful beauty chemicals.

Hence we recommend straightening of the hair as a solution for detangling your frizzy mane.

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