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Which hair dryers are used in Salons?

Hairdryers are an important and essential tool used in every salon. They are not only used for drying hair but also used for styling purpose as well. Most of the hairdryers used in salon contain ionic technology which causes less harm to the hair making them appear smooth. Professional hair dryers often come with various attachments and each one of them serves a different purpose. Let us see the different types of attachments used with a hairdryer and the benefits they offer.

Comb attachment

When used properly, blow dryer with comb attachments helps to smooth out hair without removing their natural moisture. When they are moved through knots along the strands of hair, hot air is blown to specific areas to detangle them. They are great for curly hair as this type of hair is prone to tangles. They do not cause any pulling of hair, thus resulting in less breakage and hair fall.

Concentrator nozzle attachment

This type of attachment has a flat vent through which hot air is released. The flat shape of the vent causes a change in airflow. As a result, the hot air is focused on a particular area rather than blowing at a fast speed. Since this type of attachment helps to dry each section of hair at a time, they are great for adding volume to the roots of the hair.

Diffuser attachment

These types of attachments are ideal for women and girls with naturally curly hair. Though the shape of diffuser varies as per various brands, however, the most common shape in which they are available is that of a bowl. It contains holes that act as a vent through which air from the drier flows. The air passed through the hole is spread out evenly rather than concentrating on a specific area. They help in enhancing the curl patterns, forming beautiful, well-defined, frizz-free and long-lasting curls.   

Hairstylists or hairdressers use different attachments of a hairdryer or blow dryer in a salon to perform different functions and all of them are quite effective in achieving great hairstyles.

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