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Which is the best curling iron?

A curling iron is one of the basic hair beauty tools for women, which is generally applicable for achieving beautiful curls on your hairs. As curls are one evergreen trendy hairstyle, women would need suitable curling irons for their hair. In the market, several kinds of curling irons are available with different kind of functions and operational capabilities. Here are some features that you would have to look out for while searching for the best curling iron for your hair.

Size of the barrel

The size of the barrel is one of the important things that you would have to consider while selecting any curling irons. The barrel size of your curling iron would depend on the present length and texture of your hair. It would also depend on the type and size of curl that you want to create or maintain on your hair.

The material of the body

There are mainly three types of body material that are used for making curling iron. They are ceramic type, tourmaline type, and titanium type. Another type of curling iron is the gold plated curling irons that are generally used for the thick and coarser type of hair. Ceramic make curling irons such as Jinri Curling Iron are more popular as are suitable for any kind of hair.

Temperature setting

Heat setting is another thing that you would have to consider while selecting any curling iron. For curling your hair you would perfect temperature that would perform its function without hurting your hair. For example, thin hair would need a lower heat setting and thicker hair would need higher temperature settings. Hairstylist would generally advise their customer to never cross the limit of 450F and to use thermal protection on your hair.  

Thus, we could conclude that the best curling iron would depend on the type of hairs and the curling style of any women.  So, if you are going to buy any new curling iron then keep these above points in your mind.

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