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JINRI® Hair Straightener

Temperature adjustable

Some models have adjustable temperatures while others are fixed, and it is imperative for your hair's health that you use the proper temperature for your hair type.

Jinri hair straightener temperature ranges from 285℉ to 450℉(140℃-230℃) with LED digital display. Best for all types of hair and even suitable for thick, frizz and curly hair.

Fast heat-recovery

You can get the best hairstyle in just few seconds. Jinri hair straightener requires only 5-8 sec for styling. 

Temperature Memory Function

The temperature memory function is suitable when you want to quickly go up to 390F. First, you need to press the (M)Memory button, no matter what the current temperature is, once you press the(M)Memory button, the hair straightener will go quickly up to 390F.

The temperature of “+” and “-” is increased/decreased by 15°F.

Automatic Switch Off

This lightweight straightener have an amazing feature which is a safety automatic switch off after 60 minutes. To use the straightener again simply push the power on/off button to switch the unit back on.


When deciding the best flat irons, the most important factor is the quality of the plate. Basically, the plate is the metal fixture that presses, heats, and styles your hair.Most popular materials for plates are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. 

This amazing hair straightener from Jinri have advanced Ceramic & Tourmaline Floating Sparkling Plates.


✦Fast heat-up: 360°F in 60 sec, save energy, save time.
✦Fast heat-recovery: 5-8 sec,for perfect styling.
✦Temperature adjustable: 285– 450°F, 15°F per setting, with LED digital display.
✦Advanced Ceramic & Tourmaline Floating Sparkling Plates.
✦Temp memory function, it shows 390°F when pressing M automatically, accurate temp control.
✦360 degrees tangle-free swivel with 2.65M PVC power cord.
✦Auto shut off after 60 mins
✦ETL certified and ALCI safety plug
✦One-year replacement, two-year warranty

Styling Tips:

  • Do not use the same hair clip for too long, or multiple straighten hair.
  • Avoid going out in sun because sun hot rays might make your hairs curly up again.
  • Always use comb while straightening your hairs.



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