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Best Curling iron for short hair

Styling your short hair is much easy than styling long hair. It saves much of your time and you would look smart and stylish. But if you want to add curls that flip over your head then you would need to use a curling iron or a roller set. Here we shall talk about some of the best curling irons that can help in curling your short hair.

Spring irons

These irons are relatively easy to use as they use springs to wrap the hair onto the iron snugly to get a better grip on the hair.

Clip less irons

If you are against using any kinds of clips or springs, then this is the right one for you. It prevents any kinds of creases in the hair and also prevents split ends.


If you want precise spiral curls then using this iron would give you the desired results. In this type of irons, the barrel inch is on the higher side that gives out more precise ringlets.


When you want speedy hairstyling with curls this iron serves your purpose. This iron is however used by professionals having a good grip over hair styling.

Triple barrels

The barrel size of the irons is responsible for the preciseness of the curls. A barrel size of 8 inches can give out curls that look like thin tendrils. And, a barrel size of 5 inches can give out temple ringlets. Therefore, choose your curling iron depending upon the curls you want.

While choosing the best curling iron for your short hair you should always look into the barrel size. The barrel inch for short hair should be less than 1 so that each hair strand wraps onto the barrel tightly giving you thin tendrils and ringlets. Also, make sure to use a thermal spray to protect the hair from damage because of the heat in the iron.

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