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Can I use hair straightener every day?

Hair straighter is one of the indispensable tools that everyone woman would need in their daily life for making their hair smooth and silky. Under the straightening process, your hair is exposed to a high temperature to give them a straight appearance. This concept of this hair beauty product was first introduced late 19th century and in the year of 1909, the first hand-held device was launched in the market.  

How does it work?

The straightening irons work by breaking down the hydrogen present in your hairs cortex.  These positive hydrogen molecules are the primary reason why your hair would bend and take the curly forms. When existing hydrogen bonds would break down, your hair would be prevented from taking its natural form. Though, these H2 bonds could be reformed when your straightened hair is exposed to any kind of moisture.

Most of the modern straightening irons are made out of ceramic material. Low-quality straightening irons would have a single layer of ceramic on the plates and other high-quality straightening irons would have multiple ceramic layers. Most of the straightening iron has a different temperature setting in the devices. Different types of hair would need a different temperature setting for maximum results.

Do everyday use of straightening irons is bad?

As your hair would be exposed to high-temperature, it causes minute damages to your hair every time you are using it. Though, those damages don’t have much effect as they would get after some time. But daily use of hair straightener is generally not recommended by hair-stylists. One could use straightening iron for about two to three times in a week would be best for the hairs.

Thus, we can conclude that instead of using straightening iron every day, you could use it once or twice per week by following proper steps. This would give you more effective and long-lasting without damaging your hair.

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