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Hair Dryer Motors


Hair-dryers are the kind of electromechanical device, which could blow hot or ambient air to dry your hair. These devices were invented in the late 19th century while the first hand-held device was launched in the year of 1920. Later on, several kinds of modern hairs dryer were launched, but every model would have two basic components. They are the heating coiling and the high-speed motor.

The working of the Hair-dryer motor

The motor is one of the essential tools in the functioning of any hair dryers. In most of the hair-dryer present in the market are light in weight and would be able to handle several heating level settings efficiently. The motor present in the dryer is fitted along with a heating coil made out nichrome wire. This metal wire coiling is enough to produce a sufficient amount of heat that is required to dry your wet hair.

When the power is switched on, the hydraulic fan that is fitted at the front end of the motor would rotate for creating the airflow. After powering up, both the motor and the fan rotate at extremely high speed inside the hair-dryer. The rotational effects of the fan would cause the air present in the heating chamber to flow out through the outlet of the dryer.  

Types of hair motors

There are two types of hair motors that are available in the market. One would be the AC motor, and another one would be DC motor. The type of motor would determine essential factors of hair dryer such as the rate of airflow, the heat diffusion, and the power.

Thus, we can say that other than the heating element, the motor and the fan are also an essential component of a hair-dryer. Thus, if you are going to buy a hair-dryer, make sure to check its motor before buying it.

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