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How do I choose the right hairbrush?

Various types of hair require different types of hairbrushes. The hairbrush, which is good for long hair, would not be as healthy for short hair. Thus, choosing the right brush for your hair is very important. Here is a list of various hairbrushes based on different hair types:

Boar bristle brushes can distribute the oils evenly to every portion of your scalp which helps your hair to achieve a glossy look. These types of brushes are also good for damaged hair as it can reduce the frizz. Boar brushes with nylon bristles can get through thick hair quite easily as they are quite rigid.

Straight and Long Hair

The paddle brushes are usually considered the best ones for the people who have long hair. These brushes usually come with bristles which can detangle the hair easily and make it smoother. Also, the rubber made cushion can reduce the damage on your hair follicles caused by pulling as it can bend with the scalp.

Fine Hair

The brushes which can reduce frizz and can add volume are considered to be the best ones for the people with fine hair. The vented brushes are usually popular because of this reason. You can also use a vented brush while blow-drying your hair as it allows the air to flow easily. These brushes typically feature comfort-tip bristles which reduce the chances of hairs getting pulled.

Curly Hair

The Denman brushes are usually very popular among the people who have curly hair. The strong nylon bristles can easily detangle the hair and distribute the products on the scalp evenly.

No matter what kind of hair you have, you will always be able to find the perfect hairbrush for you. You would only have to know about your hair type and research about the brush you are going to buy.

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