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How much do you know about curling brush?

Curling brushes are hair styling tools that use the heat to shape your hair into curls. It is brushed with bristles which add more volume to your curls resulting in a softer bounce rather than stiff rings.

There are many ways you can curl your hair and these styling tools are increasingly becoming popular. It is essential to find the right brush for your hair types as choosing the wrong one can extensively damage your hair. Choosing the brush isn’t enough as you also need to employ the correct technique while brushing. In this article, you will be looking at how to curl your hair with hair brushes.

Curling Your Hair with Air Brush

Firstly, you need to wet your hair in the shower and then dry it gently with a towel to reduce the risk of frizz or tangles.

Second, you need to coat your hair with a detangling spray and gently rub the combs in your hair to remove any tangles. Dry with a hair dryer at a low speed.

Third, comb your hair properly to remove any snarls occurred during using hair dryers. Plug your brush and wait for it to heat up completely before you began to style. Mostly the heating time varies in different curling brush models.

Rest your brush vertically and wrap a section to even out the coats of the bristles. Hold the brush for three seconds and then unwrap and remove the brush.

Repeat your wrapping process with the remaining sections of your hair. Spray your curls evenly by using a spray to stop the curls from getting loose. A curling brush doesn’t give a great grip so it’s better to spray.

There are many varieties of heated and non-heated curling brushes in the market and choosing the right brush will make your curls bouncy and heavy.

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