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How to choose the right hairbrush?

Nobody wants to experience a bad hair day, so have you ever thought that using an incorrect brush for your hair might be adding to your hair woes? Yes, you need to understand your hair a bit more and then only you should make a wise choice.

For Long Hair

For a good length of hair, the best choice is to use a Paddle brush. Its shape allows managing long hair well by taking larger chunks together and help to massage the scalp for releasing its natural oils.

For Curly Hair

 A good Denman brush is the answer to the curly community. Buy a good quality brush with soft nylon bristles which really help o detangle the curls with smoother glides.

For Wet hair

A Vented Brush is the best for styling on wet hair. The bristles are organized in a manner which provides ample space for every hair to receive air while using a blow dryer. This doesn’t form any unnecessary sections giving air to each strand.

For Frizzy Hair

Say bye to the painful and hard knots that your frizzy hair makes when you start using Boar Bristle brush. It goes real easy to settle down with this type of hair and gives your hair a natural appearance than ever before.

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