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How to use a curling iron for loose curls?

Though curls are an eye-pleasing to look at, lately loose curls are more eye-pleasing and attractive. Loose curls are never out of trend. From general outing or a great occasion, the loose curls make you look gorgeous every time. Loose curls are appropriate for them who have long or medium hair it will enhance your look more.

Every dress goes with loose curls if you are wearing a long gown for some big occasion or you are just going to hang out with friends wearing denim and t-shirt both will go appropriate with it. Most of the people go to the saloon for loose curls, but when you can make trendy loose curls by yourself at home you don’t need to go to a salon and spend a lot of money.

Here some tips to make perfect loose curls with a curling iron at home

First, make sure your hair is dry if not dry your hair properly. Then comb your hair gently to remove every tangle then distribute your hair in separate sections, to do so you can use a tail comb. Why are you separating the hair? It is this because you need to wrap every section on the iron one after another.

Now comes the curlingpart, heat your wand with ideal temperature and roll every part of your hair carefully. Then let the hair fall itself when you are done but always do the back first to add balance to the look. After you are finished with every part gently sue your fingers on the hair. Let your curls fall on your shoulder and check if you need to pin you can do that as well.

Here you go now you have the perfect look for your special day or a casual event.       


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