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How to use a straightener brush

If you have to straighten your hair every day then instead of using hair straightening iron it would be preferable to use straightener brush. Regular use of straightening iron might become the cause of damage to your hair that could make your hair to look haggard and dry. But while you are using straightener brush, the risk of hair damage might reduce as well as the time required for completing the straightening process would also reduce. Once you get use-to the process of using the straightening process you would be able to use straighten your hair without worrying about its condition.

Start fresh and clean

Take shower and clean your hair thoroughly with the shampoo. This would help you to clean your scalp and would also make your hair appear non-oily and well balanced.  

Apply for protection

After finishing your washing process, you would have to apply some heat protectant on your hair. The protectant could be oil, spray or serum, anything that would be suitable for your hair. It would provide your hair some extra resilience for the heat treatment.

Dry your hair

After applying for heat protection, you would have to blow-dry your hair and brush your hair for making it tangle-free. Your hair might be damaged, when the heated tool would touch your wet hair.

Divide your hair into section

For gaining effective results, it is best to divide your locks of hair into sections. Use your comb and pin to make a clear distinction.

Brush it up

Once your brush is heated up, slowly start brushing a selected section of hair from root of your hair to the tip of your hair. Repeat the process for other section of hair.

Final touch

Use your fingers to provide your hair a slight pump effect and for glossiness, you might add fix-up spray.

These are the steps that you must follow for getting the healthy and straight looking hair. The use of straightening would not only reduce the risk of hair damage bring versatility to your hair-style.   

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