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Permanent Hair straightening VS Temporary Hair Straightening

Many women do not like their curls as curly hair is harder to maintain and can get damaged easily. If you are one of the many who dreams about straight hair, then you have two options to go for, which are temporary hair straightening and permanent hair straightening.


There are a few differences between temporary and permanent hair straightening. Some of these are:


Hot combs and hot irons are mainly used to modify the texture of your hair temporarily. Some other methods, such as blow-drying your hair with a round brush attached blow dryer and large hair rollers can also be used to make your hair straight temporarily.   

Some of the methods which can make your hair permanently straight are keratin treatment, thermal treatment and chemical or hair relaxing treatment. Among these methods, the keratin treatment is more popular because it uses keratin protein which is healthy for hair.


Temporary hair straightening usually lasts for over a week if your hair is healthy. There are some other things such as the type of your hair as well as your lifestyle can also affect the duration. Permanent hair straightening can last for over a year.


Permanent hair straightening generally costs more than temporary hair straightening. The procedure of permanent hair straightening can take about two to four hours. It can take more than four hours if your hair is long and highly dense. The procedure of straightening your hair temporarily usually does not take much time.

Sometimes, overusing hot irons or hot combs can affect your hair because of the heat they produce. Continuous exposure to this heat can make your hair frizzy. So, if you love to keep your hair straight, then going for permanent hair straightening can be the best idea.

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