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Using Hot air brush on dry hair

There are various types of hot airbrushes available in the market and they can be used for all types of hair including dry hair. However, one must remember that dry hair is extremely brittle and prone to split ends. As a result, when hot air is blown through them, no matter how good a heat styling product is, one might experience severe hair fall.

Things to keep in mind while using a hot airbrush

Before using a hot airbrush, one must keep the following things in mind to cause as little damage as possible to dry hair.

  • Use hot airbrushes with ionic technology, as they infuse negatively charged ions to the hair, thereby sealing moisture in the dry hair.
  • Always use a heat-protecting spray or serum before using hot airbrushes
  • Using a low heat temperature setting for dry hair might take more time for styling it, but it will be gentle to this type of hair.
  • Avoid using hot air brushes regularly, as, in spite of applying heat protection products, excess heat can cause damage o dry hair.

The proper way to use a hot air brush on dry hair

With proper precautions and correct use of hot airbrush, one can get amazing results.

Step 1: Preparing dry hair

It is important to keep dry hair moisturized to avoid breakage. One can either use home remedies or buy hair masks from the market to provide moisture to the hair.

Step 2: Washing dry hair

Use sulfate and silicone-free products such as shampoos and conditioners to help retaining moisture in the hair.

Step 3: Towel -drying hair

Before using a hot airbrush towel dry hair to make it damp instead of dripping wet and apply a spray or serum preferably a heat protecting one.

Step 4: Use a paddle hot airbrush

Divide the hair into sections, and use this brush with low temperature setting on each section to style it as per preference.

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