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What does an ionic hair dryer do?

You would notice that every hair make up saloon would use an ionic hair-dryer to dry your hair. These ionic hair dryers would dry your hair without harming a single strand of your hair. Ionic hair dryers are compatible with all most all kinds of hair present in the world as the base technology of these dryers is different traditional hair blower.

Working of Ionic hair blower  

Ionic hair blower is a device that works on the principle of the corona effect. Your hair would have both positive and negative charge location that increases the efficiency of some hair products. The water that generally you would use for rinsing your hair contains positive charge particles which stick your hairs.

There is an electrical component in the Ionic hair blower that utilizes voltage for charging ion emitter for emitting negative charge ions. These negative charge ions cause the water present on your hair to break down into smaller size particles. These smaller chunks of H2O molecule would evaporate on a much faster rate with affecting other areas.

Advantages of Ionic hair blower

Here are some of those advantages of using Ionic hair blower.

  • Ionic hair blower breaks down the water particles thus making evaporate in a faster rate thus accelerating the drying process. It cuts the time required for drying into half.
  • Use of Ionic hair blower also lowers the damage heat damage on your hair. These ionic hair dryers use ions instead of hot air, which might cause some damage to your hair.

Thus, we can conclude the use of ionic hair-dryer is much better than using a traditional hair-dryer.  These dryers are easy to use and more effective and beneficial to your hair. Thus, if you are thinking of buying any hair-dryer, consider the option of Ionic Dryers.


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