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What is a role of nozzle in a hair dryer

The nozzle is probably the most important feature of a hair dryer, it allows the direction of the air flow to be steady while blow drying. Since all of the air comes out from the fan under pressure it is imperative that it does not disperse in all directions and spoil the strands of hair. Also, if the air comes out like a powerful gust then the delicate tresses might face breakage.

There is a simple hand technique to get smooth and glossy hair texture while blow drying. Concentrate the nozzle to the roots first for the hair at the crown of the head to dry, then work your fingers through the tresses and point the nozzle towards the length of the hair. This action will ensure that you detangle the locks from the roots to the downward length of your mane.

There are different styles of nozzles:

Concentrators: As the name suggests these concentrate the airflow to a specific area of the scalp or you can say to the desired area. Thus enabling you to have supreme control over the style and texture you want for the day.

Diffuser: There is a separate nozzle for frizzy hair; these allow the intensity of the air flow to reduce. It tames the unruly hair, very effective on curly and wavy textured hair.

Picks: The pick attachment to the nozzle allows creating volumn and bouncing to any type of hair.

Style Dryers: These long and lengthy nozzles are bristle-like and help in smooth toning the hair while drying. It is recommended for thick hair.

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