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What is ionic technology?

The technology that could produce both negative and positive ions for achieving a specific purpose is known as ionic technology. This technology is applicable in various day to day products such as ionic clothes hangers, air purifiers or in hair beauty products. The most effective application of this technology could be observed in during the usage of ionic hairdryers.

How do ionic technology works in hair-dryers?

Most of these modern ionic hair dryer uses cornea effect for producing negatively charged ions. These dryers would have an electrical component that consists of a highly conductive needle through which electrons are passed. At the tip of the needle, the electron charges interact with the air molecules and pass-on the negative charge to them. Through this process, negatively charged ion also known as anions are formed, which are later fired on your wet hair.

Your hair has several positive and negatively charged areas, which is when exposed to the positively charged water; it got attracted towards the negatively charged area. The anions from the dryer have enough stored energy that could break the intermolecular bonds of water molecules. This phenomenon would force the water droplets to get divided into several smaller parts, which gets evaporate faster than usual rate.

Benefits of ionic technology

Using ionic technology-based products in our day to day life brings several benefits. All most all the ionic product mainly produces negatively charged ions that can counteract with the harmful positive ions. Using this technology in hair dryers would be beneficial for your hair as it would generate less amount of heat. You would also be able to preserve your curly hair through the usage of this technology.

Thus we can conclude that the inclusion of this technology would help us to our life more comfortable. These products are not only easy to handle but also beneficial to your health.   

  1. The Root of Hair

The hair root or the hair follicle is one of the parts of hair which stays under the surface of the skin. It is made with approximately 20 different types of protein cells and each of these cells has different functions. The average human scalp contains over 1lakh hair follicles.

The root of the hair gets nourished by the blood vessels near the skin. The growth of the hair starts from the bottom of the hair follicle. The hair gradually grows out of the inner layer of skin as more cells are created. The skin and the hairs get nourished by the oil which is produced by some glands near the hair follicles.

Parts of the Root of the Hair

The hair follicle consists of various parts. These parts are:

  • Papilla:The large structure at the base of a hair follicle is called is known as Papilla. It is made with a capillary loop and connective tissue.
  • Hair Matrix:Hair matrix is another part of the hair follicle which stays around the Papilla. It is known to produce the outer and inner root sheaths of hair and the hair shaft.
  • Inner Root Sheath:The internal root sheath surrounds the growing hair and protects it. It is composed of three layers which are an internal cuticle, Henle's Layer, and Huxley's Layer.
  • Outer Root Sheath:The external root sheath surrounds the whole hair follicle.
  • The Bulge:Numerous types of stem cells can be found in the bulge. It also helps to heal the wounded epidermis. It is located in the outer root sheath.  

The hair follicle is the most important part of the hair. So, keeping the scalp of your hair clean can help the hair follicles to be healthy.

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