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Which hairstyling tools are used by hairdressers?

Hairstyling is not just limited to tying hair in different styles such as ponytails, braids or buns. People who prefer to keep their hair open can also opt for different hairstyles such as waves, different types of curls, and straight hair. All these various styles could only be achieved with the help of various styling tools. Following are the most essential tools used by hairdressers.

Hair steamers

Applying hair dye or coloring hair is an important aspect of hairstyle. Hair steamers help to moisturize hair and they are mainly used while massaging or applying colors to hair.

Hair Scissors

They vary in various sizes and each size is used to cut hair in different shapes and styles.

Round Hairbrushes

No hairstyling will be complete without a round hairbrush. They are used while drying the hair and help to add volume to the hair.

Flat Irons

These are quite popular hair styling tools and are used on different types of hair. They are used to straighten any type of hair and make them frizz-free. They can also add a little bit of curl or wave at the hair ends if someone does not prefer pin-straight hair.


Apart from drying hair, these tools are also quite in styling hair in various ways. A great hairdryer can add volume to the hair. One will find them with various speed and temperature settings. They can select these settings as per their preference and requirements. One can also add attachments such as a diffuser or flat nozzles to style their hair. To get a smooth and shiny finish, one must opt for a hairdryer with ionic technology.

Curling iron and wands

These can be used to form different types of curl patterns on hair. The barrel of this tool is available in various sizes which further help to form curls in different sizes.

A professional hairdresser is generally equipped with all these types of tools to experiment with different types of hairstyles.

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