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July 10, 2019

Summer is here! The sun is up, the green is springing and people are crowding out, where are you headed to this weekend? Summers do bring such bliss and are the time to flip the whole wardrobe to hunt for the best attire and not to forget to tuck those beautiful locks the best it could get. This summer is all about wearing best hairstyles, keeping it sober, subtle, and no fancy thing, sassy and classy. Here we bring some happening hairstyles you should definitely swank upon. Here in this article a few essential ways to style like a salon at home.

High Ponytail

This is a universal corner of comfort for all women and girls! Heading to college, hanging out casually or going to the office you can still manage flawlessly during the sun too. A high ponytail can either be done messy or sleek. If you have wavy or curly hair, do not feel pressured to make it sleek before tying the knot up there. Just finger untangle it and tie it in a suitable band at the top of your head and give yourself a peppy look. In case you have straight hair then you can just comb it and tie it in a high tail which will give you a cleaner and groomed look.

Loose waves

Want to swirl yourself like a wave of the ocean? Isn’t it sounding as rejuvenating as the sight of the sea? Yeah, give your hair bulk of loose waves especially if you have short or medium length hair, waves will add tons of volume and wonder to your locks. You could flaunt loose hair or even tuck them on one side giving your silhouette a charming appeal. This hairstyle goes great with a loose top and a crisp pair of denims, a maxi dress or a tunic. Hold a sloppy mock tail, turn the music on and you are good to go for a summer holiday, and do not forget to wear your hat on!

A bandanna bun

Do not match it, just contrast it! Yes, get a flashy and summery bandanna and wear it to enhance your spirit. It will give your personality a hue of wild and free this summer, it can make you feel confident, catching up with the latest trend and all set for the day. Just bundle up half your hair at the back and use a bandanna instead of a clip to get summer ready with this bun. Half of your hair will be open and this combination of hair styling looks real voguish and boho-chic.

Trending hairstyles in 2019 cannot get better than these and you can get your hair that finesse and glamour quotient when you have a range of Jinri hair styling tools for you. To sport above mentioned hairstyles a hot air brush, curling iron, and straightener brush can be used effectively. These tools can be utilized optimally this summer in daily styling, be ready to bag in compliments and some fans too.

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