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July 19, 2019

Summer is the time to let your hair loose and party, while some of us women enjoy having beachy waves, others find solace from the heat by cutting their hair bob short. It also the perfect season to try out trendy hairstyles. We have come up with some exciting suggestions to woo new admirers with a stunning hairdo.

All the goldilocks who love to have their tresses flowing in the summer breeze will find the bubble ponytail an easy yet sophisticated trend. Pull your hair back and style the ends with an iron curler, into loose waves. Take a section of strands from both the sides and tie it in the middle with a clear elastic hair band. Then wrap a few strands of hair from both the sides around the hair band so that it becomes completely camouflaged. Create volumn by tying the ponytail with second elastic at equal distance. Pull the hair in between the elastics to a bubble-like shape. Repeat the step till you reach the end, voila! You now have a fairytale style ponytail perfect for a summer wedding.

Short hair woes, then scrunches will come to your rescue. Tie a ponytail on any short or medium length hair with a colorful scrunchies. This 90’s trend has hit the celebrities and we are quick to follow. Tired of curling and styling, then the tiny braid comes to your rescue, just tying one single braid to the side of the head and leaving the rest of the hair open is a lazy beauty trick. Wear a stylish hat if you plan to hop to the beach along with this chic yet simple hairstyle.

Want to look ocean edgy then try styling your locks into a sleek back wet look. The end is the hottest 2019 hairstyle trend, everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez have graced the red carpet in this voguish look. It works well for both long and short hair. The crossbred style of half-up/half-down and a knotted bun is the hipster bun. While you shine in your bohemian outfit it is this twisted knot on top of your head and the loosely held beach waves that will do the talking.

A funky chignon looks like a stylish Mohawk with a twist; you just need bobby pins to tuck the ends of your hair into a bun like a shape. Only it appears to flow down the back of your head with modish ends sticking out from the top. When you are really confused about which hairstyle to go with, try the random braids. Braid your hair randomly while it's a bit wet and leave the rest of the locks free. Suits well for a night out in town or a late summer night date.

Feel like skipping the hair straightener then go for the air-dry look, it is simple just detangle your hair while wet with your fingers and let it dry. You are easy to go, works well with bob, pixie and short length hairstyles.

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