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July 01, 2019

In the rush hour and our daily routine, we never get the time to deep condition or give our hair the desired rich nourishment. Over time they tend to get dry and frizzy, which means split ends and easy break offs. This can become a nagging issue for the ones who enjoy having a sleek mane for special occasions. Spending expensive trips at the salon for beauty hair care can almost be impossible; hence if you make small changes in your daily beauty routine you can achieve shiny frizz free hair.

Weekend means devoting ‘Me’ time and indulging in refreshing beauty habits that can change one’s style and appearance. A healthy mane mask induced with hair enriching vitamins like a banana mask and Aloe Vera mask will ensure your tresses get deep conditioning naturally. A warm towel wrapped around the mane for 15 mins just before you take a shower will enliven the hair from the roots to the tip.

It is a known fact that a cotton towel causes friction and damage to the locks while drying them. To reduce the damage make sure you switch to a microfiber-based towel, they are soft on the hair and do not allow breakage while drying. Oiling the hair has become a debatable topic, women hate sporting oiled mane on a daily basis. Hence, while the hair is still wet, apply a few drops of dry oil on your palm and smooth out the tangles. This locks the moisture into the cuticles for a glossy finish, next style your tresses with a hot air brush.

Beauty tools are also an essential factor that determines the strength of your hair, using ceramic and tourmaline made hair straighteners will ensure no scalding and frizz free tresses while fashioning a trendy hairstyle.

It is important to note that while you sweat out your toxins in the gym your hair is experiencing maximum breakage. Sweats released with clog the hair roots; the sodium in your sweat dehydrates the roots to cause unwanted frizz and thinning of the locks. To prevent this spray a leave-in-conditioner for smooth locks, also if you use a cotton handkerchief or band it will absorb all the sweat from your hair and leave it fresh.  

Lastly, a good night’s sleep over a silk pillowcase will do wonders for your skin and hair, the silk seals the natural oils within your cuticles and minimalizes the damage done to your mane during the day. You will wake up with rejuvenated hair and skin every day. There is the best hot air brush for short frizzy hair available in the market.

Jinri has a range of hair beauty products that can be your dream professional hair spa tools for natural-looking glossy mane every day. Suitable for every hair type they are designed into sleek models for a firm and safe grip while styling. You will never face the dilemma of frizzy, broken locks since these products boost of advanced ceramic and tourmaline body, automatic heat control settings and mess-free rotating technique. Your hair will have zero breakage while using these multi-purpose products, they are space-efficient as well and an ideal vacation companion.

Forget salon, Jinri guarantees the finest solutions to tame frizzy locks without losing a single strand from the comfort of your home.

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