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July 03, 2019

On average, we women dream about having the perfect hair day, the ones as we see on red carpets and magazine covers. Not all of us are blessed with long, glossy straight hair. If we are dealing with coarse, unruly curly mane every day, then it’s time for a much-needed makeover. While there are plenty of hair straighteners that work like a dream on your tresses you need to master a few tips and tricks to use the flat iron like a professional hairstyle.

Modern hair experiences so much coloring that with time it gets thin, to make your mane look voluminous pull your hair upwards towards the ceiling while you work on your crown. Tie the hair in a bun while you are smoothing out the curls at the back and end of your locks. Comb out your bangs and straighten them separately while holding each strand. This will make them look super glossy and even. Brush out the final look and lock the style with a hair spray.

Sun-kissed curls are all the rage during summer, to achieve this look you need not use a professional curling iron. Your hot iron can be a quick air while out on a trip, press strands of hair on the flat iron and bend those inwards. Repeat the step several times till you have created enough swirls and ripples through your mane. It is natural and easy DIY hair straightener trick without any time-consuming beauty tool. You will be ready in a jiffy for a drive around the town, brunch with the gals or even a short notice date.

If you have tangled tresses and they keep getting caught while you flat iron them then use a straightening brush. Brush the strand of hair and iron it at the same time, this will ensure that there are no tangled edges and the hair turns out shiny smooth.

Cowlicks can be so embarrassing if one is out for a fun night, you do not want your pictures to be taken with these horn-like hair segments on top of your head. DIY with your flat iron holder by using a thermal brush on hair with the help of straightener. This will flatten the surface of the protruding mane; make your hair look thick at the crown and leave the locks looking salon fresh.

Braids can look perfect while they are flattened with the hot iron after being done, there will not be any strand sticking out of it and it will look super chic chunky. An ideal solution if you are getting braided bangs done to pin it on the back of the head while you let down rest of your hair.

Jinri flat iron stands out to the best hair straightener, it features all the ideal settings to start your day on a wonderful note. You will never experience any scalding and overheating since it has multiple heat settings. An LCD screen records your desired temperature and keeps it memory locked for future use, no hassle to toggle with the heating up all the time. The advanced ceramic plates ensure carefree styling. Try out new hairstyles on a daily basis and win over admiration for your faultless tresses.


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