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August 01, 2019

We end up being so particular in cleaning our makeup brushes and kits, then why do we ignore our hair tools? It is a known fact that scalp infections and limpid locks can be caused due to the grime and dust accumulated in our styling tools. It becomes imperative that we sanitize them with facile cleaning techniques regularly to elude any skin and scalp conditions.  We have expert advice from professionals on the same and would love to share it for you to follow.

Hair brushes are often the breeding ground for bacteria and dust since we use it daily and even carry it around. While salons have mastered the art of cleaning this mundane tool after every use we can effortlessly purge it weekly with a mild anti-bacterial shampoo or a cleaning solution. After the wash, wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth especially the bristles.

Essential hot plated hair styling tools like the curling irons and straighteners need to be rubbed with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol regularly. Alcohol kills bacteria and rids the plates of grime settled over a period of time. If you avoid using hair products then you can just cleanse your hot tools with water and let them air dry.

Naturally, if hair spray is used often to fashion your tresses then the stickiness from the spray might get transferred onto the plates. This may cause a build-up of germs, using a dirty plate over tidy locks will result in the transfer of infections. Especially if more than one person uses the beauty tools. Specially designed scrub pads are available in the market, use them to polish the surface, then repeat the action with a wet cloth and let the tool sit to dry.

One of the hair styling products, the blow dryer is our constant companion. We use it after every hair wash and becomes necessary that we tidy this tool habitually. You might think that it’s unnecessary since the hair does not come in contact with the device while blow-drying. So if you are looking for a glorious transformation of your mane, then rinse the tool every three weeks. It is that simple, just unscrew the air cap and rinse it with soap and warm water solution, let it air dry. Meanwhile, use a toothpick to remove all the tiny dust, lint gathered in the interiors of the device. Screw the cap on once it's completely dry and voila! You are ready to experience smooth, detangled hair.

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