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August 29, 2019

Even though it’s a fad to use beauty tools for hair care the damage done by excessive heat can cause your locks to go thin and break easily. While you battle with bad hair day the stress of shaping your mane into a trendy hairstyle everyday is real. But what about during summers? The season spells lots of perspiration and heat this also means your hair will be naturally dries. During this period is it really safe to use professional hair tools on your long locks? We have the answers and we bet this will give you considerable insight into taking care of your healthy locks during the hot season.

It is obvious that you will be spending maximum hours of your summer days by the pool which means your hair will be wet most of the time. Or you will be lounging in an air-conditioned room during the hot afternoons which means the hair will lock in the moisture. This will lead the hair cuticles to be sensitive and excess heat will cause cracks in them and cause your hair to break from the roots. It is best to let your hair air dry naturally instead of using a professional hairdryer thus, saving your mane from extensive split ends.

Dandruff is an embarrassing problem that plagues many of us; the main reason behind this ugly hair situation is multiple uses of hair styling products. We are so conscious about good looks that sometimes we overdo our beauty routines. The extended use of hair sprays and hair chemicals build up an unhealthy layer of residue that flakes while the scalp goes dry. When we use tools like a blow dryer brush over it the scalp breaks out into tiny dry particles that itch and causes dandruff. Thus, it is advisable to keep all the heating tools on the side while you beat the summer heat.

Beach waves and long curly locks are all the rage during summers, but did you know that using curling iron during this season will cause your skin to break out into hideous acne? Now that will be so disgusting while you vacation on the beach, to avoid such breakouts make sure your air-dry your hair naturally.

While you might argue that styling your mane into a trendy hairstyle right after a shower is fashionable. But keep in mind that the hair goes limp due to sweating and this makes the oil from your sweat rest on your skin for the day. The build-up makes your skin near the hairline look red, acne filled and itchy. Take our advice and do not use a hot air brush or any other beauty styling tool while you are on a sunny escape.

Like we said before during summer we choose all outdoor activities and the chlorine accumulated from the pool parties, sun expose, and excessive use of drying products cause cuticle damage. An effortless way to sway those healthy locks is to use a leave-in conditioner during the day while lounging in the sun. This helps in locking the moisture and keeping your tresses bouncy, shiny and manageable.

For frizz-free hair, there is a wide range of hairstyling products by Jinri that give you a reason to say goodbye to bad hair days. Easy to use at home they save a tonne on salon visits, but you need to be extra careful during heat waves. Keep the use of these professional tools at minimal during vacations, it adds asset to your beauty needs except during the hot summers.

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