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Juni 19, 2019

Who said there is no such thing as a bad hair day? Every day can be a nightmare if you have long locks to take care of. The struggle to tie your mane into the perfect fishtail braid or the latest hairstyle trend can be a daunting task if you have to rush to college or work. But fret not, there are plenty of quick hairstyles to choose from for those busy mornings.

Bandana Style

A silk scarf is not only made to be knotted around your handbag handle, but also to manage your lazy hair day. These scarves are light in material and hence will be snug on the head without giving you a throbbing headache. Take a large stylish silk scarf, fold it into a triangle. Then fold the end again into a smaller triangle, keep doing this till you reach the middle. Tuck the edges into the folds, and then place it on your head like a headband. Tie a loose knot and tuck the jagged ends into the inner folds. Voila! You have silk knotted bandana style.

A Ponytail isn’t a bad idea

Every time pop sensation Ariana Grande flicks her high ponytail during any live stage performance, her fans go berserk cheering. If you want plenty of admirers too, then it’s time you back this millennial high ponytail trend. Start at the way down, work your natural curls by brushing to detangle them. If you do not have natural curls, then use a curling iron for creating extra volume. Gather the wavy hair on top of your head, tie it with a hair band. Then same way make a second ponytail right above the nape of your neck. You now proudly have a thick wavy ponytail to show off at work.

Vintage Bun Shape

The bun has become a rebel style symbol; give it a twist by creating a criss-cross style. Give your mane the hair straightener brush treatment and smooth the rough surface. Pull a section of your hair into a neat bun on the top. Then divide the lower hair into two sides, tuck the right side to the left under the bun and vice versa. Thus it gives a dramatic effect to a vintage hairstyle.

Classy with short hair

Have short hair and you do not want to look mundane for the day? The use of a hot air brush is to create a sensational hair trend within a few minutes. Twist a selected section of your front bangs and tie them backward with hairpins to the side of your head. Repeat the action with twisting the hair beneath your first weave and pinning it on the top of the first twirl. It is an ideal way to display short hair with twisted bangs.

Bob never turns old

For women who rock the bob fashion, there is the celebrity styled bob hairstyle the ones that Katy Perry features on reality singing shows. First, apply a leave-in conditioner to the hair for a while, and then comb it with a hairdryer brush. Straighten the fringes and apply heat protection spray. Flat iron the little strands, and finally give it volume with a styling cream.

You need to own the Jinri hair styling tools to keep up with your dream hair fashion trends. These chic professional tools help you to create the ultimate hairstyle to be well-liked by all. If you are a diva who loves to stay on top of the latest trends, then Jinri has a wide range of hair products to offer. Now have your own hair salon from the comfort of your home, modish hair, lack of time and budget will never again become an issue ever again.


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