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August 17, 2019

Curls can be natural, voluminous and bouncy if you are blessed with them since your early age. But for a vast majority of women dreaming about having shiny beachy waves and kinky tight ringlets, there is a slew of hot irons in the market.

Barrels determine the kind of mane you can fashion out of it; a 1.25-inch barrel ensures that you envy others with capacious loose curls. A Hollywood inspired 1-inch barrel makes sure you walk out of the house with tight ruffled windswept ringlets that are a trendy summer mane look. Maintaining the ideal temperature on the iron flat plates is necessary to fashion out your desirable hairstyle. Set the hair curler to 365 degrees Fahrenheit, any temperate above this will damage the hair cuticles and cause scalding. Whereas any temperature set below this optimal range will frizz up your tresses and bestow a bad hair day.

Split ends can be avoided by using the flat iron only after your hair is fully dry, never use this beauty tool over wet hair as it will cause a vertical crack in the hair strand. You will end up making multiple trips to the salon to rectify this hair damage. Before designing attractive curls out of a 1 barrel curling iron spray heat protectant onto your mane. You can divide the sections while spraying this will make the styling process easy and the heat will be evenly distributed across the tresses. A heat protectant creates a healthy barrier for the hair cuticles and maintains the keratin level by locking in the moisture within the locks for a shiny smooth result.

An ideal way to create volumn at the roots is by parting the hair in the middle and pinning it up horizontally while styling each section. For comfy beach waves and loose ringlets part the hair in the middle and pin it up vertically. Since a 1 barrel beauty tool is lightweight it can effortlessly create tight curls without aching the wrists. For bigger polished curls use the rotate the barrel in one direction through the hair. And if you wish for more pronounced fashionable hairstyle rotate the barrel in an alternative mode.

The hot tools curling iron must be idyllic to wrap your hair strand around for about five to eight seconds to achieve faultless waves. Avoid tugging the fresh curls at the end or you might end up with dreary unappealing locks. Instead, cup the freshly done curls in your palm for three to five seconds until it cools down to reveal glossy long-lasting ringlets. Set the hairstyle for the day by locking the curls in the ideal position with a hairspray. This will not only smooth out the flyaways sticking out of the curls but also create a soft, bouncy texture.

Jinri brings to you a professional hair curler with automatic one-click technology. The 1 barrel wonder is designed out of iconic ceramic heat-protection expertise. You can fluently switch between directions without damaging your skin or hair cuticles. A warning indicator keeps check on the temperature and a wide lengthy cord makes sure you don’t tangle your mane while fashioning new hairstyles during the rush of the morning hour. Revolutionary as it sets the mane without manual curling, the revolving barrel creates perfect ringlets in seconds. Now flaunt wonderful ringlets to match your outfits, this hot curler is suitable for any kind of hair making it a popular choice for personal and professional use.

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