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August 15, 2019

We all are in a rush and wet hair for any occasion is a strict no unless you are sporting the sleek look on the red carpet like top celebrities. There are many professional secrets about styling the perfect mane, salon experts are keen on letting them remain hidden as a private affair. But we are here to lend you exclusive details on how to make a simple blowdry the talk of the town.

Before you can style your long locks into the trendiest hairstyle it is an absolute must to wash it with a mild shampoo. Then give it the natural air-dry treatment or effortlessly dry up surplus water from your mane with a microfiber towel. You can also squeeze out excess water with a paper towel under dire needs. Avoid dehydration of the hair cuticles by spraying heat protectant before your blow-dry session. Kinky and tight curled mane can naturally look gorgeous by pairing the professional hair dryer with a wide diffuser and keeping it on low heat setting.

Holding the nozzle downwards from the root to the tips while blow-drying is a genius hack for smooth, glossy and frizz-free hair. Different types of hair texture require variable heat settings, for coarse and thick hair high temperature and instant drying is ideal. For the fine and delicate mane, use low heat settings. Irrespective of your hair texture after you have dried out sections of hair using the cool button to flatten the hair cuticles leaving them with a silky smooth finish.

Get party-ready by mimicking a salon hair dryer grade blowout right at home. You will need a shower cap and Velcro rollers, style your hair up with Velcro rollers and cover it with a flimsy shower cap. Put the nozzle of the dryer inside the covering and hood dry under low heat setting. Once the hair is all dry, set the curls by blow-drying once again under the cool setting. This will ensure that your curls will be the envy of the evening, remove the rollers and click a chic selfie to celebrate.

Achieve instant beach waves by braiding your hair while it's still damp and then blow dry it on high speed. Always maintain your beauty tool by cleaning out all the lint with an old toothbrush.

Jinri lets you enjoy dressing up your hair every day with its best hair dryer in town, with multiple heat/speed settings and a separate cooling button now fashion your mane as desired. The ergonomic design, hang loop and long cord are some of its contemporary features that cause less hassle while blow-drying. Effortlessly hang it in your vanity and tight spaces, pack it up with your vacation beauty tools since it occupies a compact space. Comes with a multi-functional diffuser and detachable air-vent so now you can switch between hairstyles and also enjoy long-lasting functional model.

The lightweight tourmalinetechnology keeps your hair damage-free, voluminous mane without any professional help is now a reality with this innovative technology. Speed up your drying time with its instant heat sensors, make sure to include this wonder tool in your beauty hacks for brilliant and unexpected daily results.

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