Get a Long Lasting Curls with JINRI New Hair Curler



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They say miracles do not happen overnight, but here is Jinri with its magical curling iron that is sure to cast a spell on you! It is a revolutionary must have in your beauty toolbox as it gives you a customized experience of transforming your lifeless hair into glamorous curls. There is no rocket-science behind using this product and so you do not have to rely on a professional. Basically, you are sorted!

This curling iron has three temperature settings that you can set according to your hair, for example, lowest settings for the delicate hair/ colored hair, then medium heat settings for the normal textured hair (neither thick nor thin) and high for if you have thick/dense hair. Therefore, no chance of burning or melting is there at all as made of ceramic Tourmaline material it ensures the heat doesn’t get deposited at one place rather distributed equally all-over.

This curling iron works wonders on straight/ wavy/ thin/thick hair, it ensures that the moisture is locked inside the layer and no damage is caused. You may rather sport a range of hairstyles with this curling iron. If you love to indulge in the retro look with long gowns or tunics, you could do close curls and even may tuck them into a low bun. For a contemporary look, you could do loose curls (recommended for medium to long hair) and let them fall liberally on your shoulders that you could team up with a loose-fitted top or a body-con dress.

Thus investing in this curling iron is helping you save a fortune where you are cutting on thousand bucks which you would be giving to a salon guy for one sitting Even on days when have to be stuck from 9 to 5, you know with this magic wand you have your hair in the right place.

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