Hot Air Brush and Hair Straightener Brush at JINRI Paris Professional



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Invading the market of beauty hair tools Jinri hair brushes are here aboard with a new range of products for hair styling. Its focus is to make the products popular among non-professionals too where they can have access to style their hair without spending hours and get a salon-like experience right within the cozy precincts of their homes. This assortment of hair brushes includes the two most sought after hair tools promising and durable styling subtracting all risks of damage to your precious tresses.

1. Straightener Brush:

Are your curls landing you in trouble? Are they going out of place and unmanageable? It is almost universal in its approach to each and every frizzy hair that might be keeping you on tenterhooks about your appearance. This tool ensures that you cut on your hair treatments that are based on harmful chemicals and damage your hair in the long run. This anti-scald brush is based on double ceramic ionic technology that is easy on thin and fine hair as well.

Straightener Brush

2. Hot Air Brush:

Owe this hot air brush as this is the time to go unconventional and blow away all the hair woes in the air. There can be found a myriad brush in the market and it could even perplex you that which one should you pick to fix your hair. This hairbrush comes with a rotating barrel that comes with 1000 watt power that releases a safe power blow required to get that chic bounce on your head. Its 1.25-inch barrel takes all pains to render you a perfect voluminous bunch of hair that you can either sport lose or tied up in a top ponytail. 

Hot Air Brush

The bristles allow the heat waves to reach every intersection of your head without causing any harm to the scalp.

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