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An effective way to dry hair

Most of the people don’t like to spend time drying their hair after a long bath. Many of us want to dry our hair as quickly as possible and end up messing up with the hair. We must understand drying hair is one of the many ways to take care of our hair so we must not hurry as we could damage our hair. Let us talk about some proper ways to dry your hair and it might help you in the future.

Using Hair-dryer – The most effective way

Hair-dryer is the most popular way out there to dry your hair. It would take the least amount of time to dry your hair. You would just have to plug-in the hair-dryer and it would blow warm air for drying your hair. At the correct temperature, hair-dryer would quickly dry your wet hair without causing damage to your hair.

Some of the other ways to dry hair effectively

  1. Using Soft Towel   

When you are rubbing your hair back-and-forth continuously, it’s only damaging your hair and roughing your hair cuticle. So instead of using a regular towel, you could just use a soft microfiber towel. The soft texture can soak up more water than the regular one.

  1. Plopping Technique

Plopping is a technique of drying hair, which is effective for curly hair. This will dry your hair and will not ruin its natural shape. First, apply some serum or some hair cream and then take a cotton T-shirt and stand over it and flip your hair over and over. This would quicken the rate of hair drying without damaging them.

There are many effective ways to dry your wet hairs. Some might be beneficial while technique might be harmful to your hairs. Therefore, next time after exiting from the bath, make you use the appropriate method for drying your hair unless you want to damage your hair.

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